I’m Jonny 8 Track, an Indie/alternative singer song writer and Drummer based in Brighton, signed to Indie label Chicken Ranch records in the USA. I love writing songs, love creating a record in the studio, and playing with different bands across the world, music is my medication.

My story seems almost seems too crazy to be true, transplanted from Nottingham, to Austin TX, then to Brighton with music taking me all over the world. As a drummer I've been very lucky, I've worked with some very talented people, great producers, musicians, photographers, designers,sound engineers, creating and making big plans..recording in big studios, for great record labels, some of the industry’s top managers and playing to huge crowds...there have been thrilling highs... and well, let’s just say you can get to know me better by listening to my songs.

Mix Tape Cassette and 8 Track Cassette re-released for Cassette Store Day 2018....

Record Store Day 2018.

How did I get here? Interview Austin Texas .

New Spiritualized Record that I tracked Drums on Finally Released!.

SXSW Official Showcase 2018.

First Jonny 8 Track Gig in india!.

Album 8 Hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours for what we will available to buy from 'Chicken Ranch Records'.

Drummer Magazine Interview.

Working with Guy Elderfield, 'Dog is Dead' Producer at Random Recording studios, Nottingham.

Glastonbury 2015.

Random Recordings Studio Session.

Solo Acoustic session for NBC's Comcast Lounge SXSW 2016.

Tracking on a Ludwig/Mapex Mashup kit with 'STAGG' cymbals at 'The Darkroom'.

Recording with 'Les Bonbons' in London.

Chicken Ranch Records Day Party at SXSW 2016 .

Recording for Spritualized at 'Snap' Studios London.

Playing live in Paris as part of the Pitchfork festival.

Sold out Hyde Park show in 2014 supporting The Libertines.

Ace Hotel Show Playing 'Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space'.

Church Road Studios.

'How did I get here' interview with Austin legend Johnny Goudie.

Recording at 'The Womb' studios in Austin,Texas.

Spiritualized Track used in 'The Unloved' C4 Film.

Tribeca Film Festival, New York.

'Whole World' Sony PSP Ad, 2008.

Live Performance on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 Show.

'Cheapster ' Single released by Spiritualized.

'She Kissed me and it felt like a hit' Promo video.

Spiritualized Amazing Grace Album released.

Recording with One Little Indian Artist Nic Armstrong.

Earth the Californian Love Dream 'Porn Star' Single release.

Recording with Producer Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios, Hackney.

Earth the Californian Love Dream Play Radio 1 Sound city Festival.

Working at Rockfield studios in Wales for Sanctuary Records.